Unheard Voices

Into mystic veils of cloistered worlds..
Each cry subdued by drastic folds,
Hopeful stares from behind the arms
With lonely tears in cruel storms.

In rueful steps of abandoned feet
Helpless screams swallowed by street
Unheard voices of “back-stage” dames,
In selfless shields of borrowed flames..!

“The Women”, They say in milder tone,..
Severed into waves of words “mid-sworn”,
Crumpled into mass of space less dreams
stumbled like beats in self-run streams..

Struggling through mires of selfish traits.
Scaling down from the threatening heights,
waiting aghast for drops of care..
Burning hearts on the trusts a-flare..

In thirst for vales with broader walks,
In hope for ears with closer talks.
marching afar on tilts of hearts
Reviewing the strengths with newer starts.

Feeble nerves torn steep in lives
Yet spirits propelled by mighty skies
Wish winks of FATE endured with ties
In vain to lure the UNHEARD VOICE..

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