The Doctrine of Anmol

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They say men are mortals,
Yes, men;
We’re mortals in the sense we wipe off our traces with our last breath,
But not the Doctors
The doctors who screw up their schedule to sew other’s lives!
The doctors
The doctors who spend sleepless nights to facilitate other’s sleeps
The doctors who risk their kids’ future for the lives of others’ kids
Yes, the doctors!
They are not just mortals like us
Alright, they do leave this earth,
But they always leave their traces behind
They leave the breaths of happiness
Along the length and breadth of the world
They leave millions of hearts pounding,
And gallons of blood running in the veins
In the veins of the sons of the mankind
In the hearts of warriors who fight for the loved ones
They leave the traces
They leave the traces in the laps of the mothers
Who sing lullabies to their babies
In the hands of lovers that infuse strength in their beloveds
In every cell of men, who soar the heights,
Who dive in the depths of oceans to get the pearls
The pearls that adorn the laces of their girls..

The count is listless..

Yes, the doctors!
They are priceless,
Yes, the doctors,
They are anmol!

I wanted see a doctor,
But I still remember the shrieks I used to at the Syringes
At the needles
Oh, no, not the needles
Let me forget them for good
I was afraid that the needle would break halfway
But then mom used to say,
You’re still a kid and your skin is smooth
I was happy
I was happy that the needles would not break beneath my skin
But then I was scared of the prick
I hated needles
I hated doctors
I still dread the cold touch of the cotton
Smeared with spirit
Before the coldness of the spirit vanishes you get a prick
And a long loud cry

I thought doctors didn’t have sympathy
Yes, I hated doctors
With all my heart

But I wanted to see a doctor,

I chose this one coz she is a Mother
Mother of beautiful baby
I knew mothers are kind!
They are loving too.

I could stand the pain of toe for whole fourteen months
I thought the pain would vanish
Like fogs of dawn
I thought the toe would heal itself

But then I had this friend,
Who cared a lot for me!
Yes, but why?
I had no idea
She would care for my headache
She would care for my food habits
She would tell me sleep early
She would tell me to consult doctor
She would text me a zillion times if I wasn’t well
Oh, I thought the doctors are so pestering!!
They have lots of rules
I thought she’s a doctor!
But no, I hated doctors,

But she would get angry
Angry when I refused to eat on time
Angry when I went for self-medication
Angry when I refused to take medicine

And a long list,
But yes, she was a true friend, she stayed no matter what
She trusted
I could say anything to her

This toe, wouldn’t just heal, it was stubborn
After a long battle of 14 months, I had to give in
I wanted to see a doctor!

I was still hesitant
But had no choice
As I was riding towards the clinic, I could sense,
I could sense the cold spirit dipped cotton
I could sense the sharp pain of needle

But I had no choice

I found the bright gateway of the clinic
I was scared halfway to the gates of death,
I caught a glimpse of two girls,
Yes, I said girls – they looked too young
With a broad smile –
They looked so caring –
But again the thought of injection drove me nuts,
I took a U turn, I wanted to go..
But I was afraid my friend, he was with me
I was afraid he would laugh at me,
And then I looked back at those girls –
They seemed assuring!

I had no choice

I went in with a fake smile

I could stay back here as a Watchman:
My friend said
I said no – because I had no idea of staying in for long time
I wanted to escape from inside
I didn’t want to feel the needle

I went in nervous,
I had to fake a smile
Confused at those girls – Were they doctors?
I didn’t know, coz they looked so young,
Perhaps some visitors,
To me, the doctors, I thought would look like monsters
With grumpy and angry faces

May be they were not doctors
I went in confused, was welcomed by a smile
A radiant smile from two beautiful girls!
I had not time to look at,
I was busy
I was busy looking around for a doctor
For an angry strict and grumpy woman
The Doctor

But there was no one else,
And the one sitting with a beaming smile
She had something that is used to listen to someone’s heartbeats
Whatever they call it as
She was bright
She was caring
I knew she would be nice to me!

I went in with a clumsy bow
Went straight, I took a seat (ooh the patient’s chair)
I was a patient!
Bent down, and showed her my toe
She looked at my toe for a brief moment,
And then the other girl joined
May be her sister
May be a friend

I thought she would order me to wash my feet
Then look for gloves
Then pour some chemical on my toe
Tell me to clean it
The she would hesitantly use some forks to check it
Not forgetting to cover her face with a mask

But she just stooped down, looked and exchanged a brief smile with her partner
I had no idea who she was
But I was sure both would be kind to me,
Because they were beautiful
Beautiful girls are kind, I had read in books..

I couldn’t believe she could inspect the toe with bare hands
Wow! Like a sister?
Or like a mother who anxiously wanted to fix the bruise
With a worried look.

Then the other girl had to remind her to wear the gloves,
She did wear them, with the eyes still on the toe!
She was worried
Yes, she was concerned about me!
Are the doctors really so kind?
I wondered.

But then my nightmare started
She told I had to take an injection
OMG I had to take an injection
I was desperate to run away from there
But then they would laugh at me

The other girl took injection
I wanted to scream and run away
Run away and never come back

She smiled at me – I thought
Is this girl going to inject me?

She stood there, and I hated to look at her
I hated the needle she had in hand
I was worried she would prick herself
But the worst, she would pierce it to me!

I was confused for a long minute..
Then I heard the order for her,
Stiff and clear:
Sleep on the table! Memimimimi
I hated that
I hated her
I wanted to hate for the life
Oh, just run away from there
She wants to kill me

But still something in her assured me
That she wouldn’t kill
She was a doctor too!
Oh, I didn’t know kids become doctors these days
She was little,

I had no choice, I just got on to the table,
I had no choice –
I pointed towards my arm – with questioning face,
But then she said no!

I was there my face buried in the pillow –
I was afraid I would scream!
I was afraid they would laugh at me!

It went on for a long moment –
Long scary minutes
I could hear the doctor telling her to be soft,
One more scary minute,

I was told to get down the table,
Like, really??
Has she done injecting?
Oh wow! She was amazing
I didn’t know that injections were so painless!
Wow I wanted to scream
Scream with triumph
That I won this battle
That I hadn’t cried out in pain,
I felt like I conquered the world

I wanted to thank that girl
With all my heart
She saved my life
Yes, I was right, Beautiful girls are kind

Then the next part
The doctor would now operate me
She said “Surgical Blade”
I lost my courage again

Would she now cut my toe?
But she said she would use Anastasia
I was relieved

She got to work immediately,
Like a skilled craftsman,
I was touched by her speed,
I was marveled at the way she worked
She handled it so delicately,
She didn’t even turn back for next 90 minutes,
She was busy,
Occasionally she would look at me
And ask “Does it pain?”
I would just smile back
Seriously it did NOT pain

I didn’t want look at the toe,
I dreaded to see it being cut,
Before I visited, I thought it would be pain
It would be agony
I would see hospital bed
Green cloak like clothes
Operation lights showing the signals of life
And oxygen mask
Scissors, saline bottles, syringes,
Pain killers, antibiotics and bandages
I thought they would just hold me back on the bed
And then cut through my toe
With lots of blood
Huge cotton balls drenching with blood
Red fresh blood

But now it wasn’t true,
I started to believe doctors don’t kill!
At least this doctor!
She didn’t want to kill me
She was fighting to refill the strength in my toe

Once in a while, she would just sigh
And ask how I was able to live with it for 14 months
Or she would look at me frowning,
as she was setting back her hair with the forearm
Because she was wearing gloves.

After dreadful silence of first forty minutes I started to speak,
I started speaking because the silence was killing
I could now sense the pain as the effect of Anastasia was fading away
I didn’t want to complain
And I was tired of fidgeting with the mobile
I started to speak
I spoke awkward
I don’t really remember what I spoke,
But I spoke to take off my mind from the pain
She would just cast a questioning look whenever I asked something
Like “Seriously why do you want to know this?”
Especially when I asked her what is the composition of Anastasia.

She was chiseling life into the toe
Never losing her focus off the work she was at
I thought doctors don’t let us speak
Nor would they listen to us
They would just hold back and slit
Whatever happens and however painful it was
But not this doctor

That smile on her lips never faded away,
And those occasional giggles assured me
Got back courage into me
To ensure that I hold enough courage

I felt so humbled
I felt so privileged
I had mixed feelings and emotions
Who was I even to her?
Why would she care?
Why would she look worried?
Why would she keep up smile to assure me of safety?
Why would she make sure she took me into conversation whenever she thought it would pain?
Why would she extend her hospital hours to finish off the dressing?
Why would she anxiously look at my face as to how I was feeling?
Why would she risk going home late in adverse climatic conditions?
Why would she endure to take the task that was NOT hers?

I could swear she was priceless
What she did was priceless
Like my friend remarked on my way back home:
Those things that cannot be bought
Those things that cannot be forced
Those things that cannot be taught
Those things that you are born with,
Those things that are in your blood!
Yes, it was Anmol
I couldn’t pay her back,
As I limped to my bike with the fresh bandage, I could feel easiness,
I could feel relief from the pain,
I could sense getting closer to the end of Toe Story
I could feel assurance that I was in the safe hands
I could feel fresh air
Yes, a bliss of being taken care of..

I wished I was doctor too
I wanted to serve humanity
I wanted to instill courage in million others like me
Who thought doctors are hard
Who thought doctors don’t have feelings
Who thought doctors just play around

Twice I avoided bumping into a car
As I was immersed in the thoughts
Thoughts of resenting fourteen months
Thoughts of being a doctor
Thoughts of spreading love to mankind

As I slept for that day I was assured that life is easy
Doctors are awesome
I slept assured that the girl with injection didn’t want to kill me,
I slept assured that the doctor with surgical blade didn’t want kill me,
I slept assured that a visit to doctors could also be painless..

I slept assured
I slept assured because I had a choice now!
It was not a question of “I had no choice”

Perhaps I would sleep well tonight
I thought
But I had no choice to prevent the dreams of doctors
Or the dreams of Doctors KID!


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