Specially for you

Hope this won’t bore you :
The day I come late to home…
It’s very late
Had a tiresome day..
Just after midnight…
Door locked from inside..
En the lights still on
I enter with a spare key
She’s asleep on sofa

Seems to be tired after day’s work..
#ASSALAMUALAIKUM#. I say in a low midtone
No reply
..Second time.. #ASSALAMUALAIKUM#.
No reply again

Am surprised..She never slept so deep before
Apparently so tired…

#I’m sorry my love#
Wanted to ask her if she had dinner…
Then I look into kitchen
Everything is ready
And untouched..
I had thought romantic dinner with her while I was driving home
L I missed it
One more tender touch and a mild call..
she startled..
Sits up on sofa
Trying to look around
I hold her hand
Caress her head slowly
wipe the sweat on forehead
Deep kiss on her sleepy eyes
Carry her to wash basin
Wash hands and rinse mouth
Wanted to sit together on table
she is too sleepy and tired
Well,let us go back to sofa
Sleep her on my chest
Head dwindling from side to side
Can feel her warm breath against my chest
Her hair is dismantled
I adjust the hair
Hold her head against my shoulder
Feed her like a baby
Feeding her half asleep
I seem to give her bigger mouthfuls
Hold the glass of water against her lips
she drinks it slowly draining little on her clothes
she eats a few bites
and starts pushing away the food like a baby does
At least a glass of milk???
Lemme try
Half open eyes…a transparent glass of cold white milk!
She’s holding lips so tight
Dont want anything!!!!!
I struggle for a while to open her lips
with much difficulty she only took half a glass
Okay baby lemme finish the remaining..
that’s my dinner
Hold her en lead her across to the bedroom
And sleep her on bed
Adjust the tiny soft pillow
Cover her with sheets
Milky white sheets.. perfumed..
Faint light of bed lamp
Am standing at her head
Staring at her peaceful face
She seemed to have a smile..
Curved lips..
Staring at her as she is breathing evenly..
Looking at her..
I had never watched her so close..
She had never allowed me to look at her for this long..
She was so playful all these days..
She’s pleasant!

OMG she looked so little
Like a tiny doll wrapped up
And yet
She had managed my life so easily all these days..
she had held my hand so firm when I was shaken
she had made me smile when I was in low spirit..
she had taken all blame on her for all my mistakes..
so much for the past!
She loved me so much..
She never said a word though I was angry with her for silly things!
I’m sorry my love…
I wronged you..
Perhaps she felt my gaze too hard on her…
She wiped her forehead..
Seemed it was hot in the room..
I switched on the fan..
(She is allergic to AC’s)
Her hair started swaying like dreamy brush…
OH my! I couldn’t hold myself!
And the best part:
I hold her head.. seemed like I was CRYING!
I’m in tears!
Tears of happiness…
You made my life…
You stole my heart!
I ponder for a while again…
Look deep at her..
She’s so peaceful..so elegant..
Applied Kohl to her eyes..
(she applied it every day.. but had apparently missed it after her tiresome day..)
Rubbed her with the aromatic perfume…
Kissed her on forehead…(# I was murmuring GOOD NIGHT MY LOVE#)
She always did that for me!
It was more of a routine.. I missed her kiss when I was travelling..
“That soft soothing good night wave”!
I sleep beside her…
Wow i’m not tired anymore..
Then put her head on my chest..
Held her close to my heart..
Wondering why the tears won’t stop!
I have you..
I have you…
I shall have you forever…
You are mine!
I won’t let you go!
Please stay with me!
I love you
Love you

-your’s ever IQ

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