Miles Apart

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Some lives are meant to complete you,
Some time you meet people who fill that gaping loneliness you’ve been engulfed with,
Some days are meant to put a smile on your face, decades after you’ve been through,
Some moments are meant to give you sleepless nights since you miss them,

Today I slept,
After a long hauling work,
Working with dumb computer machines that can in no way understand what your emotions are,
And the last thing I remember is looking at your pic,
Well, let me rephrase it, looking at our pic,
At the airport.
I was into depths of slumber and I had no idea you would come to me!

Parking lot is packed as usual,
And I still remember when it was like this last time, you had asked if flights tonight are free!!
I smiled –
Like I’ve said a million times,
9 out of 10 times that I smile, you are the reason behind it!

And then it was kinda weird,
Why the hell was I shopping for a suitcase at the airport?
I don’t care but that is how it was,
Was constantly looking at the screen for departures..

And then your friend comes along,
Trolleying your baggage with her.
I stopped in my tracks.
Dead Stop!
And then I vaguely remember asking her where you are,
I was running with every breath i could spare, even before she finished her sentence
That you are back in the parking!

Elbowing through the crowd,
Racing towards the parking
As if I was running for my life,
I was running for my LIFE,
And the tears running down, faster than my pace.

People were looking at me, bewildered –
Who cares, let them keep staring for rest of their lives.

And then I see you coming along,
With that characteristic gait you have,
The heels hardly touching the ground,
Head high up…
Are you looking at the screen?

Each step of my race was getting me closer to you,
And I could see you more clearly.
You don’t seem to be okay?
Why is your face so disturbed?

I have no more questions,
I just dash unto you,
With the arms wide open!
Almost throwing you to the ground,
But held you so firm,
Hugging you so tight
I was afraid I would injure you with my hug,
I can’t think of anything else,
All I know is you’re back in my arms,
And I was crying like a baby,
Telling you how much I missed you.
I could vaguely feel your hands
Around my neck,

I wanted to complain,
You have stolen,
Yes, you did!!
I don’t feel my heart anymore,
Why did you have to steal it?

I wanted to hold you like that forever,
Vaguely aware of surroundings,
With the vision dimmed due to the tears,

I can’t seem to look into your eyes,
I was so ashamed,
I was ashamed I wronged you,
I was ashamed I left you there,
I was ashamed for everything,

And then you look at me,
Right into the eyes,
And ask : “Have you prayed?”

I woke up,
With the heart beating like a mad drum,
And me sweating to my toes,
Sweating in a room that is chilling with its AC!!
I was looking around,
Where did you leave me now?

I was confused,
And just lay on the bed for few long minutes,
I hated that it was just a dream,
I wanted to sleep again,
I wanted to go back to the dream,
I wanted to walk along with you,

I reluctantly looked at the time,
What?? 13:50?? OMG I was late for the prayer!
I still couldn’t figure out what was going on,
You had come here to wake me up for the prayer?
Or you were just in the dream?

Well people say stories, but was this real?
But where are you?
And when are you coming back?

With Love,

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