Happy Birthday Sweet Lioness

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October always kinda gives me butterflies every year,
and this day!
Yes, this is so powerful,
So passionate,
And so Special,

It was this same dawn some years ago that saw a rise of new hope into the lives of those who were around.
It was this same sunrise that gave us someone who looks lean(does this rhyme with the name?) and frail but whose determination could as well shake the mountains.
It was this same bright light that gave out radiance so powerful that it let us rethink the way we had resolved us.
It was this same first look at horizon that went up to instill courage and hope to the people living thousands of miles away,
It was this same baby-cry that echoed the recitation of verses so eloquent into the childhood and teens and for lifetime,
It was this same morning-fog that saw someone whose name could mean “soft” but who could be as magnificently resolute and determined as a Lioness on prowl,
It was this same day that brought into this world that is just another name for what you call Love,
It was this same day when people realized that they would be forgiven in a much easier way than they could ever imagine.
It was this same day that started someone from Dugsis, where even understanding the language was a greater challenge, later took up the assiduous and untiring paths to more than two dozen countries in the world.
It was this same day that opened the door of compassion, fervor and love.
It was this same day that presented us for today, a powerful, young and dynamic form of Love that showed us how passionate love could be in all forms!
It is still this same morning,
The same dawn that I sing praises of the Lord for giving among us someone that’d be called Macaaney <3
Happy Birthday Sweet Lioness

One thought on “Happy Birthday Sweet Lioness

  • October 21, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    Leena Gedi

    Leena Gedi ????? my janu ??????

    Like · Reply · 1 · May 20 at 5:34pm


    Bhai Iqlas

    Bhai Iqlas Oh dear I love you so much, your love has always given me strength to go through the toughest times of my life and you’ve always showered me with happiness and love heart emoticon<3 .may Allah keep us away from evil gaze forever


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